What is all that butter in the corner? Is it Art? We‘ll
leave that for you to decide. Whatever your taste, you
will find in our collection paintings, sculptures and
artefacts from all over the world. This is made possible
through our co-operation with international museums
and private collections. Whether it is for editorial
contribution or complex art reproduction – best image
quality lets our topics shine in every medium.


Get acquainted with our content: here we have put
together for you new and constantly updated features
and picture selections of available current topics.

William Morris

William Morris is one of the most famous English designers of the 19th century. As a key figure in the Arts & Crafts Movement, Morris advocated the principle of handcrafted production, which was inconsistent with the industrial advancement of the Victorian era. Even today interior design is often about handmade crafts, and especially the large-scale wallpaper design by Morris fits in well with current trends..


He was a master of late Romanticism and was able to sell over 400 of his more than 1500 paintings and drawings during his lifetime. His motifs, the Biedermeier petit bourgeoisie, odd eccentrics and romantic events reflect all the charm of the 19th century.


Hohlwein's posters are still used almost unchanged by many of his clients today and belong to the classics of German advertising. The list of his clients almost sounds like the alphabet of major German brands. Even importanty: from 1.1.2020 onwards, no additional artist’s rights need to be cleared for the use of his works.


Impressionism – seen purely as a subject – has a great
many facets. In this collection we concentrate
particularly on the representation of women in this
popular art style.


A member of the Blue Rider Movement, expressionist,
and one of the pioneers of abstract art, the works of
this Russian painter were style-defining for their time,
and even a hundred years after their genesis they have
lost none of their attraction.

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