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Searched and not found? Then please feel free to engage us to conduct the searches for your desired theme. We can take over your project as external editors, with access to all conceivable international image sources. Stock agencies, individual photographers, publishing house archives, press offices, museums or private collections – our editing team knows the large, small, national and international sources in order to equip your project with the best possible material. Through many years of experience, intensive co-operation with partner agencies and the supervision of many editorial projects, we have developed an almost detective-like quality of work. In the hunt for the right images, nothing gets in our way!


With the picture research enormous amounts of datasets often come together. Although we like to always keep an overview, we are able to present individual image selection within a secure web-base and password protected area. Here you can see in an instant all the offered images for each search, chapter or subject-field. Also, all file information is directly available here to help you to facilitate your selection. But there is much more: the administration of orders, author lists, budgets and credits is also possible using our online tool. How does the whole thing work? Just have a look at this sample project: Zum Projekt