For all your questions about pictures, INTERFOTO
is the right address for your needs: as VISUAL EXPERTS
we have at your disposal picture editors with many
years of experience in the handling and processing
of digital data, the due consideration of any legal
aspects, as well as extensive skills in concept
development. Our experts will optimize your picture
projects and give you comprehensive advice.

How do we know our job so well? For over 20 years
we have provided picture services and support to many
of the major publishing houses. But our passion for
pictures has been around much longer than that: as a
picture agency we have been supplying first class
material to the German market since 1953. With over
60 years in the agency business we have built up an
immense understanding of each particular aspect and
are able to offer you our services underpinned by a
solid foundation of knowledge. In addition INTERFOTO
represents numerous international collections as well
as hundreds of photographers.