Login & Registration

How can I log in?

To log in, you need an online ID and a password. To do this, register in the web shop. You will then receive an e-mail with your access data.

What obligations do I enter into with the registration?

Absolutely none: Registration is non-binding and free of charge.

What advantages do I have if I log in?

When you are logged in, there are various additional options available to you: you can see the previews without watermarks, you can organize your lightboxes, send them and print contact sheets of the layout data immediately. You can also order your image selections directly via the shopping cart. And, especially important: For registered users there are considerably more pictures in the shop than for unregistered users.

I have forgotten my password/online ID. What now?

No problem: Click on “Forgot your password?” during registration or send us an e-mail at registrierung@interfoto.de

I can’t sign up. And now?

Did you pay attention to upper/lower case when registering? Are you sure you are using the correct access data? It still doesn’t work? Friedrich Naumann {LINK on mailto: naumann@interfoto.de) will be happy to help you.

I would like to know more about INTERFOTO’s general terms and conditions and data protection regulations!

You can view our general terms and conditions{LINK} and data protection provisions{LINK} directly on our website. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Helmut Wendlinger{LINK}.


What options can I use when searching?

With a full text search you can enter a specific or
several words and immediately get a search result.
You can refine your search using filters, and also have
the possibility to use different syntax-connections
in your search:

Example: Dog AND Farm
You will receive hits from the keyword “Dog” and
Keyword “Farm”.

Example: Dog OR Farm
You will receive hits from the keyword “Dog”, or the
keyword “Farm“.

Example: Dog NOT Farm
You will receive hits from the keyword “Dog“, but not
from the keyword “Farm“.


My search has no results. What should I do?

If your search has no results, then it is possible that
your search is too specialised. Try searching again using
more generalised keywords, and deactivate any filters
in order to expand your search. Still not found what
you are looking for? Then send a short note to
info@interfoto.de {LINK}. We will be happy to conduct
your search for you, free of charge and without

I searched for a specific picture number, but without
any result. What now?

Many of our images are only available for exclusive
use, therefore certain pictures in our database may be
restricted. To find out more about the accessibility of
a particular required motif, you are invited to contact
Katja Leander

What display options are available to me?

Directly underneath the search box are three different
viewing options. You can choose between thumbnail,
list and grid views. Try it out now, and discover
which of the optics is best suited to you and your
usual search habits.

How do I save my search?

In order to retain the search overview, you are able to
save important searches directly. This way you can
quickly return to previous results. In addition, you can
easily track whether new image material in your
particular subject field has been added. Just scroll
down the left hand side of the page and click on “Save
my last search“.

Where will I find my lightboxes?

You have various possibilities of accessing your
lightboxes. Scroll down to the bottom right-hand of the
page to the “Lightbox” button. Click on it, and a menu
opens which you can use to administrate your
lightboxes. Do you want to view your lightboxes full
size? Click on the light bulb symbol in the top right
hand corner of the page.

I have tagged pictures, but cannot find them in my
lightboxes. What must I do?

You need to first put your tagged pictures in to your
lightboxes. To do this, click on “Selected Media” and
choose the desired lightbox. If you cannot see the
pictures yet, it is possible that you may have put them
in different lightbox. Still cannot find your pictures?
If so, then Helmut Wendlinger will be happy to assist
you further {LINK}.

How do I find my basket?

Click on the basket symbol, upper right on the page.
Here you can get an overview of the pictures you
have put in your basket, select image quality and
order your data.


When do I have to pay?

If you do not already have an individual
agreement with us, then you can use the direct
purchase option when you are ready to download
your images.

How much will my planned usage cost?

The fees vary according to industry, print run,
placement, term and distribution area. If you do not
find the required type of use in the online pricing
system then please contact us using the “Price request“
option in the Shop function. We will then provide you
with an individual offer.

What download options do I have?

You are able to download data immediately in our
webshop. Just click on the diskette symbol beneath a
picture and choose between Preview or High-Res
download option in the dialogue field, and the
procedure will start automatically. With larger
selections of images you should put your pictures
in to your basket, and indicate your intended purpose
of use and the image quality you require. You will
receive your complete order as a Download-Link at the
email address you have given us. If you have any
questions then Marco Fertig {LINK} is here and happy
to help you.

I need a picture in a higher resolution. Is this possible?

Yes, certainly! We have at INTERFOTO, in addition to
digital material, a further physical archive from which
we can produce rescans of many pictures. We also stay
in daily contact with our network agents and
photographers, and so have the possibility to re-order
pictures. If you wish to know more, Katja Leander
{LINK} will be glad to help you further.

I have another question. Who should I ask?

On our Team-page you will find contact information.
If you are not sure who is the right person for your
enquiry, simply give us a call or send us an email
{LINK auf