From the famous to the infamous: here you will find
the important faces in world history. Are you looking
for a classical portrait of a rocket scientist? Private
photographs of the Mafiosi? Material showing
historical moments and events? No problem! So that
you can find the right person directly our topics are
reliably provided with biographical data, name variants
and attributions.


Get acquainted with our content: here we have put
together for you new and constantly updated features
and picture selections of available current topics.

Life is Rock’n Roll!

Gijsbert Hanekroot, born in Brussels in 1945, is a Dutch photographer who photographed pop and rock musicians from the late 1960s to 1983. In the studio, classic portraits, at press meetings or on the stage, Hanekroot had them all in front of his lens. He digitizes his photos himself and has published various books on Bob Marley, David Bowie and Patti Smith.We distribute a good 4,000 of his fantastic photographs.

Of earwigs and evergreens

Gitte Haenning, Jürgen Marcus, Joy Flemming, Cindy & Bert, Katja Ebstein… we know them all! The pop stars of the 60s and 70s all meet in this picture selection for a joint rendezvous – we bet you sing along soon while watching!


The who´s who of the literary scene, all gathered under one roof: our partner agency Writer Pictures of Edinburgh has set itself the sporting goal of being able to offer a portrait of every author who has ever been published. We feel like they are well on the way to achieving this!

National Portrait Gallery

For our portfolio a knightly accolade: the National
Portrait Gallery in London has one of the most
extensive portrait collections of prominent
personalities in English history, from the time of the
Tudors to the present day.


A fun occasional quiz: Who’s who? Our collection of
portraits of prominent personalities in their childhood
is not only eyecatching, it also full of “Guess who!“
images. How many people in the lightbox are you able
to recognise at the first attempt?

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