Eureka! Equipped with encyclopaedias and chronicles,
our historians Keyword historical events both large
and small. Our spectrum of topics is broad – and no
wonder, since our inventory has been growing
continually from day one. Archimedes or Armada,
Suffragettes or Sexual Revolution, you can rely on our


Get acquainted with our content: here we have put
together for you new and constantly updated features
and picture selections of available current topics.

Meltingpot New York

The most important metropolis on the American east coast already cast a spell on people when it was still called New Amsterdam and the Manna-Hatta Indians still lived on the island. The city’s importance grew immeasurably when more than 17 million immigrants landed here between 1894 and 1954. A look back shows the history, iconic buildings and rapid growth.


Cartography is the science and technology of representing celestial bodies in a thematic and topographical way, but it also documents a change in the world view over the centuries. And as we can see, cartography is almost an art form in its own right, to which we absolutely wanted to dedicate a feature of our own.


Browsing the wonderful vintage collection by „TV-yesterday“ is more or less a visit to the flea market – collectors’ hearts blossom here. From old telephones and typewriters to TV and audio technology to everyday objects and household appliances: Everyone will find the right amount of nostalgia here.

Hermann Historica

A source of which we are especially proud! With
Hermann Historica genuine treasures come under
the hammer. The auction house specialises in
antiquities, medals, historical and military
history collectors’ items, as well as hunting equipment.
Before the objects are auctioned off they are
professionally photographed, and the images are
made available to us for licensing.


From farthingale to dandyman, bathrobe to miniskirt:
in our visual wardrobe you will find a complete history
of Fashion. Here is exactly the right place for you to
see how lifestyles and the spirit of the times are
expressed in textiles.

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