Blossoming radiance! We show you Mother Nature
from her most beautiful side, be she the common daisy
or the giant sequoia tree. Our images dazzle us with
impressive lighting effects and unusual compositions.
Looking for some particular botanic exotica? Thanks to
exact subject-specific tagging, you can quickly reach
your goal.


Get acquainted with our content: here we have put
together for you new and constantly updated features


The balcony or the window sill is of course the natural placefor your smaller versions of cacti plants. But did you know that there are also cacti that can grow up to 15 meters high and up to 200 years old? A small selection of the 1500 to 1800 different species can be found in this selection.


If you automatically think of green when you hear the word “nature”, you might overlook the fact that our flora are full of all kinds of colours. This selection will show you what it looks like to focus on yellow.


The water lily differs clearly from its namesake. The annual water plant is available in almost 50 varieties, it adorns domestic ponds as well as botanical gardens or landscaped parks, and is a visual highlight that inspires not only true plant lovers.

Thomas Kottal

The work of Thomas Kottal clearly shows what comes
out of being not only a passionate photographer, but
also a professional gardener and florist with his own
business. By combining his business needs with his
with his passion for photography he is able to create
his arrangements as flower and plant portraits or
still life images, drawing on the rich source of material
he has at hand.


n England there are more public gardens than
anywhere else in the world. With this selection of images we invite you to stroll with us – with the scent of flowers on the nose – through small cottage
gardens or large country parks.

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