Cat-content always goes down well, so a good helping
of cats, dogs and baby animals just has to be a part of
our collection! But more than that, we can offer you
the finest of wildlife photography. Whether in the
depths of the ocean, high in the air, or in deserts or
forests: our photographers travel worldwide, capturing
infinite variety of the animal kingdom for you in a
spectacular celebration of images.


Get acquainted with our content: here we have put
together for you new and constantly updated features
and picture selections of available current topics.

Go wild with David Tipling

The Englishman David Tipling is a professional wildlife photographer. His photographic focus is on the documentation of the bird world, for this work he has received various prizes and awards such as the “Documentary Award for the European Nature Photographer of the Year” for his work on emperor penguins. He has published more than 30 books and has been represented by Visual Experts – Interfoto for some time.


Andrew McLachlan is a photographer and author whose expressive images are published worldwide. He also teaches and has published numerous books. His work focuses particularly on the animals and landscapes of his Canadian homeland, Ontario.


Yeah, we can do cute kittens, too: On closer inspection, thousands of fluffy little balls of fur are padding through our database and triggering sounds of delight. Wanna see?

Don Johnston

Johnston is a professional landscape and wildlife
photographer and comes from Lively, Ontario. Since in
addition he studied Biological-Sciences and has been a
high school biology teacher for over 30 years, he brings
to his photographs an extensive specialist knowledge.


Many superstitions surround owls: we are told that
witches use them as messengers, that their stare can
be deadly, that they bring can bring bad news or good
news, that they are wise or are dangerous. But they are
above all, as we also believe, extremely photogenic.
Take a look for yourself!

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